Infrared Thermometer & Thermal Imager
Infrared Thermometer & Thermal Imager
Infrared Thermometer & Thermal Imager

With an infrared thermometer from Testo, you can measure temperatures precisely from a safe distance without contact. Find the right pyrometer for your needs today. 

Looking for value for money thermal imager for your industrial electrical maintenance / maintenance work? Choose our range of thermographic camera & thermal imager in our website. Choose the highest resolution thermal camera in its price range. The made in germany Testo thermal camera is a valuable tool for your preventive maintenance program. Take advantage of advanced analytics software that offers asset tagging, streaming IR data and trend analysis.

There are hardly any measuring instruments that are as versatile as a thermal imager. Because the areas where the visualization of temperatures using thermography makes your work easier include the following:

  • In building thermography  a Testo thermal camera helps you to detect thermal bridges and structural defects.
  • In heating engineering you can use thermography to check underfloor heating is working properly or for the non-destructive detection of leaks.
  • In maintenance a thermal camera enables you to see wear before systems fail. Ideal for industrial electrical maintenance and industrial maintenance mechanic.
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