Local Exhaust Ventilation System Measurement

Local Exhaust Ventilation system monitoring is governed by Occupational Safety & Health Regulations 2000

This Local Exhaust Ventilation assessment is mandatory to be conducted annually, only by a registered Hygiene Technician. However, on monthly basis your organization is allowed to conduct a general self-inspection on the general condition of the system.

In general, the efficiency of the Local Exhaust Ventilation system shall be gauged by the performance of its Duct Velocity, Face Velocity, Capture Velocity, as well as the performance (horse power) of motor and fan (rpm).

It is a requirement by DOSH that the engineering control equipment or systems (LEV) be inspected at least annually besides monthly checking and recording internally. You may refer to the DOSH guideline for more details.

We would like to offer you some useful tools to carry out the necessary measurements for your periodical checks.



Entry Level - Smart Probes LEV Set

Smart Probes LEV Set

If you need simple measurements for daily measurement in LEV, this is a good entry level set with a combination of thermal anemometer and differential pressure measuring instrument with smartphone operation.

Readings can be viewed conveniently on your smartphone/tablet via the testo Smart Probes App and reports can emailed immediately.


Intermediate - Pocket Series LEV Set

Pocket Series LEV series

This LEV measurement set is suitable for beginner for quick and easy measurement.

The equipments are at pocket size which comes in handy to conduct a quick test for instant results. Results are display on screeen and recording values can be done easily.


Professional - testo 440 dP LEV Set

testo 440 dP LEV Set

This is suitable for LEV application expert. The professional LEV series is a reliable multi-function measuring instrument for analysis, regulating and testing VAC systems.

It has an integrated pressure difference sensor for measurements with pitot static tube and filter monitoring and a wide range of optionally available sensors and probes to choose from.